Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When it rains, the roof leaks

Weeellll, it has been a VERY rainy day around here. This morning I was watching the news and the keypad for our alarm system started beeping. Immediately after that, Brinks called. My heart was RACING, I wasn't sure what was going on - but of course my mind goes to the worst possible scenario and I had convinced myself in 30 seconds that we had a burglar who had cut the wires to our alarm system. Well that was not the case, it was just a low battery signal. But strangely after that, the whole system just went blank. That is NOT normal - the customer service people said something about a screwdriver and a transformer. That's when I said, "let me have my husband call you". Kent + screwdriver + electrical things = crispy fried Kent. When Adam got home he checked the coat closet that holds the Brinks control panel (i.e. expensive piece of equipment). He noticed that the closet was damp, so he kind of pushed on the ceiling and the whole damn thing fell in! So now we've got three companies coming out tomorrow to do estimates on the repair. Oh the joys of home ownership!

Here's the ceiling of the closet with a bowl set on the wire rack to catch any water

Here is the floor of the closet with the lovely mess


  1. my parents were throwing a party back in december. about 20 min before people showed up my mom screamed and my dad went running... there was water dripping from a big sag in their closet and when my dad touched it, woosh! same scenario. theirs was from a leak in the air conditioner though.

  2. Dear Crispy Fried Kent, About two years ago, our bedroom lights would grow dim and sometimes go out completely and we started to smell burning....I brought in our contractor from work and we figured out our bedroom closet light had caused a small electrical fire and was short circuiting all the other lights! It's no wonder our whole house didn't burn down!!! What is with closets??? Such a necessity, but always falling apart!

  3. oh that SUCKS!!!! i hope you don't have to spend too much $$ getting everything repaired!!