Saturday, January 23, 2010

27 Week "Bump" Pictures!

People keep asking me how things are going. Lately I feel fine, but Sarah Beth is growing and consequently I am growing! I am feeling quite large and in charge these days. Oh well, all part of pregnancy, right!? Here "we" are at 27 weeks. Also you can see a sneak peak of our new pale pink bathroom! It's going to be Sarah Beth's bathroom. I have a fun plan in my head for a hand made shower curtain and some cute embellished towels. Stay tuned...

Ignore my silly faces :o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Tiger "Must Have"

Baby clothes....they sure are cute! I have tried to restrain myself from buying too much. I know clothes are the most fun thing to buy for babies so I'll probably get a good bit at my showers. However, it is still pretty irresistible! I found these shoes a few months ago and just about died. They are called Squeak Me Shoes. You've probably encountered these in a mall or somewhere out in public. You hear a little "squeak squeak squeak" and wonder who on earth has Fido's dog toy. But wait, it appears to be squeaking in a pattern! What on earth - it's a shoe! If you are easily annoyed by this type of thing, the squeaker CAN be removed so have no fear. I think these would come in handy with a little toddler out in public - just go ahead an put on the squeaker shoes and the kiddy harness and call it a day, lol.

Sarah Beth will look so stylish at Clemson games!

And perhaps her cousin Reese will have a pair of these!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This has been a restful but productive (sort of) weekend! Adam and I finished cleaning out the guest bedroom upstairs so it is now clean and clutter free, yeah! I went to JoAnn's Fabrics yesterday and picked up some super cute fabrics for some sewing projects. One of the projects I did this weekend was a nursing cover! I love how it turned out. I have enough extra fabric left so I can do a burp cloth (or two) and perhaps a bib as well!

I also found some CUTE curtains at Land of Nod for Sarah Beth's room. I just hope the pinks match! Of course they are back ordered until late March but it's ok - the room can function without curtains! They were also 50% off which made the deal that much sweeter!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pregnancy - Week 25

Here's a little look at how things are progressing! I feel great actually other than a little back pain here and there. I've had several bouts of insomnia but overall I'm sleeping ok - only waking a few times a night to either go to the bathroom or change positions because my arms, hands, or other extremities have fallen asleep. I have no idea how much weight I've gained but last time I asked at my 20 week appointment it was 11 lbs and my doctor said I have done a fantastic I'll take that as good! Sarah Beth is moving a lot! She's pretty quiet during the day but she really gets going at night! I think she is doing flips because one minute I'll feel kicks high up and the next they are way down low. She also really gets moving when I lay down in bed, go figure! I guess she's preparing me for what's to come! Here's a couple of pics I snapped with my iPhone today and another of the view from up above :o)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Callie-bear!

Our little Callie turns 3 tomorrow, January 7! She came to live with us in March of 2008 and has brought much joy and laughter to our house since the day we met her! She has so much love to give - she loves to give kisses and gets REALLY excited when we get home (as seen in one of the videos below). She adores her big brother Calhoun and wishes he would chase her a little more often because she loves to be chased! Callie has had her fair share of health problems, mainly all with her eyes. She was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and glaucoma and had surgery shortly after we got her. She has no vision in her left eye but the glaucoma is gone and you would never know she had any vision problems! She zooms all over the house and yard. If she's outside and we tell her she will get a treat if she comes in, she runs full speed ahead straight to the house! We have no doubt Callie will be a great big sister to Sarah Beth - she is playful and VERY tolerant (you should see the way my parents' puppy hangs on her ears with his teeth).

So Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you!

Here are some videos I just took for your enjoyment...

Here she is with some tissue paper that came in a pair of shoes I ordered. She is in heaven with her paper! The bagpipes in the background are from the news that was on TV :o)

Here we are singing a song. Calhoun loves to "sing" but I don't think Callie likes it too much - she gets all worked up whenever we sing!

Here's one of the dogs getting SO excited when Adam got home. I love how her whole back half wiggles when she gets excited! Sorry for the poor lighting!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nursery furniture - check!

Our child officially has nicer furniture than we do, but that's how it's supposed to be right?! Adam and I took advantage of this long weekend and spent a good part of Friday and Saturday furniture shopping. Thanks to my trusty Baby Bargains book, I had a general idea of what brands to look for and which to stay away from. Friday we went to Georgia Baby and Kids - the grand mecca of all things baby furniture. They have everything from cribs, bedding, accessories, baby gear, and kids furniture. We didn't see any chairs we liked - mostly because none of them had a back tall enough for Adam to lay his head back on. Most of the chairs we saw stopped at his neck - not so comfy! We did find a crib we could both agree on! It's Essex by Munire in white. Since they had them in stock, Adam was ready to be done with the shopping and buy it...but I told him we needed to see at least one more store before we made a decision! So on Saturday we went to another baby mecca store closer to our house called New Baby Products. We didn't really see a crib we liked any better than the Essex but we did find an excellent nursery chair!! It's actually a recliner that glides and swivels! Several people had told me about this chair brand called Best Chair. The chair we picked is the Irvington. It is soooo comfy and cost about twice as much as the crib, but I know it'll be worth it because we can transition it into the rest of the house after we're done with it in the nursery. We picked a tan colored chenille fabric and got it pretreated for any stains, because we know those are bound to happen. After we purchased the chair, we drove back over to Georgia Baby and Kids and got the crib and conversion kit (it will convert to a full size bed).

Earlier this week I was beginning to panic that we hadn't gotten anything done for Sarah Beth's arrival yet, but after this weekend I'm feeling a lot better!