Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Callie-bear!

Our little Callie turns 3 tomorrow, January 7! She came to live with us in March of 2008 and has brought much joy and laughter to our house since the day we met her! She has so much love to give - she loves to give kisses and gets REALLY excited when we get home (as seen in one of the videos below). She adores her big brother Calhoun and wishes he would chase her a little more often because she loves to be chased! Callie has had her fair share of health problems, mainly all with her eyes. She was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and glaucoma and had surgery shortly after we got her. She has no vision in her left eye but the glaucoma is gone and you would never know she had any vision problems! She zooms all over the house and yard. If she's outside and we tell her she will get a treat if she comes in, she runs full speed ahead straight to the house! We have no doubt Callie will be a great big sister to Sarah Beth - she is playful and VERY tolerant (you should see the way my parents' puppy hangs on her ears with his teeth).

So Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you!

Here are some videos I just took for your enjoyment...

Here she is with some tissue paper that came in a pair of shoes I ordered. She is in heaven with her paper! The bagpipes in the background are from the news that was on TV :o)

Here we are singing a song. Calhoun loves to "sing" but I don't think Callie likes it too much - she gets all worked up whenever we sing!

Here's one of the dogs getting SO excited when Adam got home. I love how her whole back half wiggles when she gets excited! Sorry for the poor lighting!

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