Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New word added to the English language!

One of my favorite expressions (written and verbal) is "meh". Adam and I were listening to NPR yesterday and someone announced that it has been added to the dictionary! Score! Now maybe people will take my meh's seriously! Here's a blurb about it I found online:

'Meh'-the apathetic expression-enters dictionary
At least someone is excited about "meh." The expression of indifference or boredom has gained a place in the Collins English Dictionary after generating a surprising amount of enthusiasm among lexicographers.

Life after Twilight

The Books:

Where do I begin? As of this morning I have read all four of the Twilight Series books. I was pleased with the ending but I refuse to give anything away. So if you want the details you'll just have to read for yourself. But I will say that these books are the most amazing, captivating, and truly enjoyable books I've ever read. In all my 28 years on this planet I've never had a problem reading a few chapters, waiting a week, reading a few more, etc. Not with these - these were impossible to put down. My husband and dogs are probably glad to have me back. They affected my work - couldn't concentrate - my sleep - dreamed about them constantly - and everything else in my life as well!!

In the three weeks I've spent with these books, I have feared this day. Would there be life after Twilight? I couldn't imagine parting with the characters, the thought made me very sad. I'm still sad it's over, but it's bittersweet. The author, Stephanie Meyer, closed all loose ends and left me with a very peaceful and happy feeling. What is next? I am going to dive into the online version of Stephanie's fifth book of the the series (which may or may not be published). I do plan on reading Twilight again and probably all the others as well, but maybe I'll be able to put them down this time.

The Movie:

The movie was total cheeseball, but I loved every minute of it. The part where Edward smelled Bella for the first time (when she was walking into science class) made me laugh so hard I could barely contain myself. Mainly because Adam asked me if Bella had just farted - the way Edward was holding his nose, lol. And then he proceeded to say how she looks like she smelled a fart throughout the whole movie. Edward was swoon worthy as usual, but I am not impressed with Kristen Stewart at all. I didn't have any expectations for the movie, so I guess you could say I wasn't let down. Overall I'll give it a B, and I plan on buying the DVD when it comes out!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Twilight came out today!! I couldn't convince Adam to see the midnight showing with me, so we're seeing it tonight at 9:15. I told him we MUST get there early in order to get good seats and I've even contemplated tailgating in the parking lot, lol. I can't wait!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you still need convincing...

This is Robert Pattinson - the guy who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight. I don't think this picture needs words:

Computer Probs

You're wondering where I've been, aren't you? Well there is a perfectly good explination - actually 2. My first excuse is that my power chord on my laptop is shot - therefore I have no battery power. I have tons of pictures to upload of our latest adventures. Three weeks ago Adam's cousin Hannah got married in Charleston. I was sadly not able to make it due to a stomach bug. The weekend after that, we spent at Pawley's Island at Adam's Aunt and Uncle's beach house for Adam's 30th b-day. This past weeked we were in Panama City with the Edens/Kown families for the Clemson/FSU game.

The second reason I haven't been on much is because I've been reading, A LOT. There is a book series out called the Twilight Series. It's a forbidden love story about vampires. Yes, I said vampires. You have to read it to understand. I read the first two books (close to 500 pages each) in less than a week. One might say I am obsessed. But if you have read them, you will understand. I am elated that the Twilight movie is coming into theatres on November 21 and I will be going to see it. I considered taking the day off work to go sit in the movie theatre all day, but I have to save my PTO time for Turkey Day. Here are the covers for each book of the series and also a picture of Edward Cullen and Bella - the two main characters. I'll also try to link the movie trailer here as well.