Friday, March 28, 2008

New 'Do!

Miss Callie spent the day at the vets today getting groomed and checked out. Her health is great. Ear canals look really good for a cocker. Her eyes are the only problem, the vet has referred us to an opthomologist. One of the ladies that works in the office said she took her Schnauzer to the same doctor and he is doing the cataract surgery for her dog - she really likes him a lot. Callie look SO SKINNY with her new hair cut! She's as tall as Calhoun, but just MUCH more petite. I think now that the hair is out of her eyes she can actually see better too. She seems to be really happy with her new look. We're taking her to a t-ball game with us in the morning that Adam's friend's son is playing in. I think she'll enjoy herself. Calhoun isn't quite ready for a situation like that, lots of people make him nervous. He'll get there though, we'll be able to take both one day!!



  1. LOL! so i just watched the video of her and the jingles of the collar.... hilarious and i watched the one of calhoun with the tiger! funny stuff! from here to facebook to myspace, i'm all over the freakin internet tonight!

  2. Callie looks so good! I'm glad she is doing well!! :)

  3. Who is just me? Identify thy self, lol.