Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello! Whew, this has been a whirlwind week! Things are going good here. Dogs are fine with each other. Callie REALLY wants to play with Calhoun but he's not too sure still. He's coming around, every day he gets more tolerant and lets her do more than the day before. Our dog trainer came by last night to develop a program for us. She'll be coming to the house once a week for 8 weeks to go over obediance training with both dogs. We're really excited! We also get two years of monthly "Recap" group sessions at a local dog park!

Callie is really coming out of her shell. She's quite the puppy still! I caught her chewing the leather chair the other day, oops! She's also quite interested in the cuffs of my pants and our shoes. Nothing has been destroyed yet, but she's quite the little stinker, we have to keep a close eye on her. She's such a joy to have around. She's just the happiest little doggie ever! She LOVED chasing my 5 year old cousin Hampton at Easter - they chased and chased and chased all over the yard! He also loved on her and got some kisses, he really liked her and she loved him too. We got her a new collar tonight at PetCo and a new ID tag. Her old tag really didn't jingle but the new one does. She got into a little playing fit tonight trying to attack the jingles on her collar. It is HILARIOUS beyond words. Please take a look at the video. The creepy TV sounds in the background are Adam's new PlayStation game he was playing.

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