Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Callie has been with us for nine months now, and she is just such a joy in our lives. Once we got her cataract surgery done this summer, a whole new Callie evolved! Here are some of the funny things that Miss Callie does - otherwise known as "Callieisms".

1. Terrorizes her brother, Calhoun - She is quite the spunky monkey and will go right up to him and grab a toy out of his mouth. He never fights back and usually lets her win unless he's up for a game of tug-of-war.

2. Chasing invisible things - I'm not sure what is going on with this one - either we have a ghost or Callie has an invisible friend. She will start looking around the room and literally chasing something that appears to be above her. She'll pounce from one spot to another, roll over on her back, run in circles, etc. It's hilariously cute to watch!

3. Eating her collar tags - Callie has never been a fan of the tags on her collar. I posted a video of her several months ago trying to attack her collar. She still does this - but we feel the tags are necessary if she ever were to get out. All of her little tags have tooth imprints on them!

4. Getting herself into predicaments - Our neighbor was dog sitting for us over Thanksgiving and said that one morning Callie greeted them with her round rope toy stuck around her waist! It was not harming her because it's much bigger than she is, but this is just a typical Callieism! She somehow managed to get the rope around her body! She also pulled a Nanci move two nights ago. I woke up Monday morning and Callie was out of her crate and the door was still shut! Nanci did this once too. We must not have latched the bottom of her crate door all the way and she squeezed her little butt out!

5. Loving Calhoun - Callie LOVES her big brother. He has a hot spot on his belly right now so he's wearing an e-collar and a sock on his foot to prevent scratching. Callie can sense he doesn't feel well and will lie down near him and whimper at him. She also tried to help him out by pulling him by the edge of his e-collar and also trying to pull his sock off. My theory is that they planned this, but the plan failed.

Here's our silly girl twisting around on her back on the sofa this morning while getting belly rubs from Adam:

Here she is in the car with Calhoun, she behaves so well in the car!

And here is poor pitiful Calhoun with his "party hat" on and a sock on his foot. He's NOT a happy campter!

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