Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bah Humbug

I will not be decorating for Christmas this year ::::insert gasps here:::: I'm just so not into it this year at all. Christmas seems like it's coming at me at 90 mph and I barely have bought any gifts! I still have no idea what to get my parents and my husband (so if y'all read this, please send me ideas!). We always go to South Carolina for Christmas, so we won't even be home to enjoy the decor, and we're not having any parties this year either. So it's just us and the dogs. Call me Scrooge, I will not deny that I am exhibiting very Scrooge-like behavior. But I am not apologetic or sorry for this at all, in fact I'm rather happy about it. Maybe we'll decorate again next year :o)

Oh yeah, and no Christmas cards this year either. So don't be upset if you don't get your usual Brannon Christmas card.


  1. You are a scrooge!! lol Don't worry, I'll decorate enough for the both of us.

  2. You need to run to Starbucks and order yourself a peppermint mocha. That will start to thaw out some of that Scrooge-ness. Seriously though I know how you feel. I felt better though once I hung the wreath on my door. And I did all of my Christmas shopping on the internet today.

  3. I posted this grumpy cat picture on my blog, I am not sure it is yours, but let me know if it is and you don't want me to put it up. I thought it was great though and fit in perfectly with all of my other funny Christmas cards. Come see if you like it. I would love to post credit for the photographer if it is you.
    Karen Robert