Monday, December 7, 2009

Constant craving

People keep asking me if I've had any weird cravings. The only thing that I really just can't get enough of is soup! LOVE me some soup. Adam and I went to the Rexall Drug Store Grill in historic Duluth, GA on Saturday. They have the best homemade vegetable beef soup and cornbread, along with other yummy treats. It's an old fashioned, literally like really old, drug store and you see lots of little old men "townies" in there hanging out along with people young and old of all backgrounds. If you live in the area, you need to check it out!

Anyway, back to my cravings. I have decided to try a soup each week. This week I am making a big pot of vegetable beef soup. Next week will be chicken stew. The following week will be baked potato soup. Then after that I'll do my favorite chicken tortilla soup (that picture on the recipe is mine!).

If you have a favorite soup recipe, please feel free to share!


  1. Do you like broccoli cheddar soup? I have a yummy crock pot recipe for that and it's easy and good!

  2. I have an awesome recipe for an italian chicken soup with chick peas and kidney beans...if you are interested let me know!