Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnancy - Week 6

This week has been....interesting, to say the least. Things are definitely different now. I wouldn't say I'm fully nauseas, but I am feeling sort of puny. Indigestion is pretty bad. I also am TIRED. It is a challenge to stay awake at work. I just want to lay in bed. I'm also slightly more crampy this week. Week 6 starts the embryonic stage, so I'm guessing the little one is growing a lot in there. The heart beat starts this week and the eye buds form as well as arm and leg buds.

I've also noticed I'm starving all the time. Example: Wednesday morning I had a Jimmy Dean D-Lite breakfast bowl for breakfast. It had turkey sausage, potatoes, and eggs in it. I got to work and was starving again around 9:30. I ate a bowl of instant oatmeal. Then around 10:30 I was starving again!!

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