Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know all you Calhoun and Callie fans are wondering why I am not posting pictures of the dogs! Well, we've been busy and the two barely slow down for a picture these days - especially Callie! Gosh that girl is impossible to photograph! Dogs are doing WONDERFUL together. Calhoun actually lets her win tug-of-war. She'll go up to him and just grab a toy out of his mouth, he has a look on his face sort of like, "meh, whatever". He's really taken a liking to her. The trainer, Sonja, is also helping us so much. Both dogs have mastered sit/stay, down/stay, and heel. Today we worked on "come" while on leash. Next week we'll work on an extended come - I have a hard time getting them to come in from the yard, especially Calhoun. Speaking of Mr. Calhoun, he's developed quite the digging problem. Trainer Sonja has instructed me to bury semi-fresh dog poop in his favorite hole; apparently it'll stop them. We'll see - I'll update you on that for sure, lol.

Another new thing I'm going to try is transferring the dogs to the kitchen during the day. We have two standard sized doorways into the kitchen, so I can easily put up baby gates to keep them in. We're going to test it while we're home and gradually break them in. We're trying to gradually work our way to them having full run of the house when we're not home, but Miss Callie has a ways to go! She is quite the little stinker. She LOVES to prance in the den carrying our flip flops - she always looks so proud. She's only destroyed one pair of shoes, and I didn't like them too much anyway, so it's ok! She also loves plastic hangers - I figured that out this weekend when I was cleaning out my closet and had hangers strewn all over the floor - she really went to town on one!

I've bored you with my words long enough. Here are a couple of pictures - I wish I could capture Callie's true beauty, but the little thing is never still! She has the funniest expressions! Thanks for reading!

We love to play together and chase all over the house!!

Calhoun with his muddy nose from digging holes!

Callie with one of her MANY toys!

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  1. Let me know if the burying the poop thing works! Saluda is also QUITE the digger.