Sunday, April 13, 2008

California Dreamin

I went to the National Occupational Therapy Conference in Long Beach, CA April 9-12. I've only been to San Francisco, so I've never been to Southern Cali. It is beautiful there. No pollen, no clouds, beautiful beaches, and beautiful homes. The nice areas of town are amazing and the bad areas are, well, bad. There's not much in between! I was amazed at the styles of architecture of the homes long the beach. They ranged from Spanish, to modern, to craftsman, to traditional, and all in between. The craftsman homes really took my breath away! I tried to snap pictures as we were driving down the road, but it was hard. We stayed right outside of Long Beach in Seal Beach. It's a quaint little beach town with multi million dollar homes (6 Million for a 4 BR/3 BA average looking home). I don't know what people out there do for a living, but whatever it is, they are making lots of money. I also noticed nobody ever seems to work. We were out and about all hours of the morning, day and night and people were always out walking their dogs, strolling their children down the beach, sipping coffee at a coffee shop, and just having fun. It's so relaxed out there and you will see all sorts of people. Gayla, my coworker, and I seemed to be the only one to notice all the strange types of people. Nobody there seems to notice it - pretty much anything goes! It was a great place to visit, I'd love to go back for vacation one day. I really enjoyed myself! Oh, and the conference was ok too :o)

I'll post a few pictures here, but CLICK HERE to see the whole album.


  1. you're an OT? I didn't know that..

  2. I wish I was an OT. I picked the wrong profession for sure - therapists have it made financially and have such great job security. I'm in the recruiting dept, so we were out there trying to find people to come work for us.

  3. not THIS therapist, BELIEVE ME. but i did pick psych after all. =)