Sunday, April 25, 2010

3D Ultrasound and Baby Showers!

I hang my head in shame as I begin this blog post. Many of you have probably given up on me. For this is not the first time I’ve abandoned my blog. I just got behind and more behind, and then the thought of trying to update just seemed like such a task. I got overwhelmed and just threw in the towel. BUT I decided I must get back on the horse. Do it for your friends and family, I say to myself! I think I left off somewhere during the glorious second trimester of pregnancy. I will not bore you with a ton of details. Honestly there hasn’t been much going on. It’s been a very uneventful and healthy pregnancy. And yes, as I sit here and type I am FIVE days overdue! So yep, I’m still pregnant – but more on that later. There are a few highlights I’d like to touch on.

The first highlight is our 3D ultrasound we had done at Baby’s First Images in Alpharetta. We had the whole family with us and it was just the coolest thing ever! The ultrasound tech said that Sarah Beth’s ultrasound was one for the walls – she cooperated so well and we got some awesome images. One of my favorites is her kicking herself in the chin – that’s my girl! LOL She must be cramped in there!

Here are a few of my favorites:

The chin kick:

The second highlight is my first baby shower that was held in Kennesaw, GA. My college roommate Stacey and her mom Jan were my gracious hostesses and the shower was at Jan’s beautiful home. This was also the weekend that several of my “internet friends” came to visit! It was so fantastic having family, friends, and “internet friends” all meet each other. I put internet friends in quotes because we have known each other so long and been through so much together but we all met on the internet. Our friendship goes way beyond the worldwide web though! We all had a blast! We kept having to laugh at how everyone was always so fascinated by my internet pals, hehe. We were showered with gifts and it was a fantastic day!

Just a few gifts :o)

Jan and Stacey the hostesses

Lots of delicious food

Here’s all the internet girls!

This picture cracks me up – Casey and I in a very deep and serious conversation, lol

My mom and grandmother!

Sister-in-law and mother-in-law!

The cakes matched the invites!

Ok so that was the Georgia shower! Next shower was in Greenville, SC and was hosted by various friends and family. I am such a lucky girl. It was another fantastic day and Sarah Beth was spoiled once again! Two of my favorite things about the SC shower were the diaper raffle and the center pieces. Each guest brought a pack (or two) of diapers and got a raffle ticket for each pack they brought. At the end there was a raffle giveaway which was a Target gift card. Wouldn’t you know my mom won and turned around and gave the gift card to me! Aww! The center pieces were all sorts of baby and children’s books. The ladies sitting at the tables signed the inside covers of the books and wrote notes to Sarah Beth. That is something we will cherish forever!

The shower was in the Mad Hatter room at the Brick Street Café. This is a glimpse of part of the room and my silly SIL climbing the staircase to nowhere!

One of the tables with the book centerpieces

Two of my childhood best friends – Carly and Brooks

Some of the lovely Brannon ladies and Spartanburg friends

The lovely hostesses

All of the ladies (minus a few)!

Cousins, aunt and grandmother!

I love this picture of my mom and grandmother – you can tell how excited they are!

The cake was so cute and yummy!

Adam and I were also given showers by our coworkers! Unfortunately I don't really have pictures of those, but they were both great. We have been so touched by how generous and loving everyone has been. It's great to have so many friends and family share in the joy of such an exciting time!! Thanks to all of you for being there for us during such a special and exciting time of our lives!!!

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