Monday, November 30, 2009

We're having a baby girl!

Well tomorrow, December 1, marks the half way point of my pregnancy. WOW I can't believe I'm half way to meeting my precious little baby. It has been a great few months and I hope the next few continue to be this way. We had our big ultrasound appointment this morning to make sure the little one was developing correctly and also to find out the gender. We got to see all of the baby's organs - even got a close up look at the chambers of the heart. It was absolutely amazing! The ultrasound tech printed out a ton of pictures and was taking measurements the whole time. I didn't catch this, but according to Adam with each measurement a due date would flash up. All measurements were right on target at an April 20 due date.

Of course she waited until the very end to tell us the gender. The little one was being modest and not wanting to open her legs so the tech had to do some mashing and pressing on my belly to make her move. The tech goes "I think it's a girl". You THINK? Ok lady, I need to know for sure here because you say girl and I will paint every square inch of everything she owns pink and buy a ton of girly clothes. If there's any doubt in your mind this is NOT a girl, speak now or forever hold your peace. She went into a little spiel saying how they can never be 100% correct but that it's over 90% sure. Hmm, well ok then lady. She didn't give me the warm fuzzies I was hoping for, but nothing was going to bring me down!

After the ultrasound we met with the doctor and he told us everything looked great with the baby. Everything with me is great too. He answered a few questions and sent us on the way. Next appointment is December 28.

Many people have been asking what we plan on naming her. We have decided on Sarah Elizabeth and we will call her Sarah Beth. I love double names for girls and I think this one is so beautiful! We both have Sarah and Elizabeth on both sides of our families so this will keep in the tradition of family names. If it was a boy, he would have been Foster Templeton. Maybe the next one will be a boy :o) Here are some pictures of little Sarah Beth.

Here's her entire body - so cute if I do say so myself!

Up close shot of her profile

Leg on the left - it's bent so the knee is at the top and her foot is on the left. Arms are on the right - they are bent at the elbow and are in front of her face. Little hands on the right side.

Foot on the left - will she have my huge feet? Hmm, I sorta hope not! Bottom shot on the right.

It's a girl!


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. It is amazing that parents are able to see their baby before she is born. I think Sarah Beth has a sweet little face. She is going to be wonderful!! Love you all!!

  2. OK, I am looking at the u/s pic again and that is FOR SURE a girl! :nod