Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Ahh, the ol' New Year's resolution. I always toy with the idea of even making one, because I always feel like I am just setting myself up for failure with setting unattainable goals. I was thinking about my resolution this year and thinking of things like: lose weight, drink less, work out more, etc. So instead of setting a definite goal, my resolution this year is to be healthier. I think that's an all encompassing and attainable goal! Adam and I , starting Monday, will be using Good Measure Meals. GMM is a meal service in Atlanta (created by a chef) where you pick your calorie level and they prepare fresh meals for you weekly. We are doing the three meals a day plan (no more cooking, yaay!). I'm starting at the 1700 calorie level and Adam is starting at 2100. Once I get adjusted to it, I'm going to try and drop down to 1400 calories a day. If you watch Ruby on the Style Network, she uses a meal service that is created by GMM but is in Savannah, GA. The meals are fresh, never frozen, and delivered or picked up twice a week. They are really good! Hopefully this fresh start will kick start our goal of living healthier. I'm also going to do other things such as take daily vitamins and drink more water.

What is your New Year's resolution? Feel free to leave a comment with yours! Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2009 is great for us all!


  1. I would like to run more for exercise rather than in situations of being chased or being in sight of beer.


  2. Hey Kent! I was looking in to doing this too but this place only delivers in Georgia and I'm still in Florida. Do you happen to know of any other services like this that maybe deliver everywhere? I have been searching all over the internet and even e-mailed the people you are using.

  3. I think this is a really cool idea!! How is it working out? I would LOVE to do something similar...just to get out of cooking!

  4. It's going really well, the food is fabulous!! Gina I am not sure about Florida but if you contact the Good Measure Meals people they may be able to help ya!