Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lookin good!

We had our first post-op checkup today and Callie was doing great! No causes for concern. What a relief! I'm an habitual worrier, so of course I am thinking that something has gone wrong, etc etc. But no, she's perfectly fine. We're going next Monday for another checkup. We still do the drops four times a day and rimadyl. She's almost out of her antibiodic, so we won't need any more than that. Just wanted to post a quick update!

OH and we're going to have a big first this weekend - the dogs are going to their first hotel! Watch out Holiday Inn Biltmore East, Asheville, lol! My good friends Meg and Will are getting married in Asheville on Saturday, so we're taking the dogs with us. We'll just be staying one night. It should be fun - road trip for the whole family!


  1. For future puppy travel, you guys should know that ESA hotels allow pets (shameless plug for hubby's company!)...also, we took Polk and Sadie to the Dillard House in Rabun Gap, GA--some of the units allow pets and there are horses and a petting zoo, too. Plus, the food there is imcredible!

  2. I am so proud of my granddog, Callie. Maybe she couldn't see well enough before to maneuver jumping on the sofa. Move over Calhoun!! Callie is catching up with you. I'm glad she is getting along well after her surgery. Love ya, Mom/Nancy

  3. How did I not have the link to your blog?! Found you anyway :-)

    I tagged you in my blog, check out today's post to see it!