Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Callie can see again!

I'm so happy! She did great overnight and didn't get any pressure on her eyes (glaucoma). They are getting ready to dialate her eyes to get a better look at them, so I have to call back around noon for another update and to find out when I can get her home. The guy I spoke to said she has a lot of vision. I'll post another update at noon!


Callie is doing GREAT! She wants to be her normal energetic self, but she doesn't understand that she has to be c-a-l-m and be s-t-i-l-l. Oy, it's going to be a long few weeks, lol. She doesn't seem to have any pain and she did great at the vet's! She ate some food as soon as we got home, and the vet said she never lost her appetite there either (that's my girl!). She was 17 lbs when we got her and now she's a healthy 25!! She'll catch up to Calhoun in no time, lol.

She will need drops four times a day and she has two oral pills - one antibiodic and another antiinflamitory pill. They didn't have her e-collar on her at the doctor, but I went ahead and put it on at home. There are just too many corners and things to run into. She has been attached to my heels since we got home! Calhoun was a little nervous and had his tail tucked (I think the e-collar scared him) so I have them both in their crates resting now. I will probably have to keep them seperated for a while until she can play and rough house again - that will be a challenge. We also will have to leash walk her for up to 6 weeks. We have such a woodsy yard, she can't be running into sticks and running the risk of getting poked in the eye. The good news is, she can go on walks. So I will make sure to walk her a few times a day to help get her energy out!

We have a follow up next week and will be seeing the doctor a good bit for the next year. Her eyes are a little red and puffy, but not too bad. You can see her sutures up under her lids, but they will disolve in about 2 weeks. Here are some pictures - I didn't want to use the flash in her face so they're dark. She also moves a lot and it is hard to get a head-on shot of her!

Proof that she still has the appetite!

Sort of a face shot, she moved as soon as I snapped it!

Here's a better face shot:

And for good measure, here's Calhoun!


  1. Good for Callie--you guys are such great parents!

  2. I had to comment again after seeing Callie in her cone! So funny!