Saturday, February 16, 2008

A tribute to Nanci (the dog)

I can't do a blog about our family without talking about Nanci. Even though she is gone, she will always be a part of us.

We lost our beloved girl Nanci on December 1, 2007. We were on a trip in Boston and our dog sitter called to tell us something was very wrong with her. When they got to our vet, we found out she had a tumor on her liver that was causing her to bleed severely internally. We had to make the decision to put her down. She was in such a dire condition that practically no surgery or treatment could save her at that point. It was a very sad day for us. Needless to say, that put a big damper on our Boston trip - we hated that we weren't there with her.

Nanci was a great dog, probably the best dog I've ever known (sshhh, don't tell Calhoun). She was sweet, loving, gentle, and happy. She only got in a hurry when she escaped from the yard - we chased her down the street many times! She was our little escape artist. If she wasn't escaping, she was lounging around in the sunny spots in the house catching some Z's. Every now and then she'd decide to play with a toy and it was the most hilarious thing you've ever seen. She wasn't the most coordinated dog and she'd be pouncing all over the den. I'd her these loud "boom, boom, boom" noises from another room and when I'd get in the living room I'd discover all 50 lbs of her bouncing all over the floor like a little puppy. It was very cute. Here's a picture of her from a professional photo shoot for Adam's birthday. She was a beautiful, loving, and wonderful dog. We will always miss her.


  1. Nanci sure was a special pup, and we Parrish's will miss her tons and tons. We love the new blog guys! Thanks for posting so we can keep up with you!

  2. So precious... my dogs are my kids so I know where you're coming from. I'm so glad yall have a blog so I can keep up with and baby Brannon!