Friday, August 8, 2008

A post about nothing...

Well, my dear friend Stacey told me I was being slack (although she doesn't even have a blog, so she can't really say much) so I figured I'd write something. I know you're reading this! lol

It has been a BUSY summer. We've had several weddings. A week long vacation in June to Edisto Island, SC. Various trips to SC to visit friends for b-day parties and other fun events. We will continue to stay busy as well, all the way through Christmas/New Years. Next weekend we're going to Salt Lake City, Utah for our friend "Goose's" wedding. The next weekend we're going to Aiken, SC for an engagement party for Adam's cousin Hannah. Then the next weekend is Clemson's first football game against Alabama at the Georgia Dome!! Followed by that are more football games, a wedding in Charleston, Adam's Govnah's School Reunion (like how I spell Govnah?), and other various things. OH and how could I forget, Adam's 30th birthday is October 29!

Other than that, life is good. I hope to be obtaining a nurse recruiting position with my company in the next few months. We also hope to get pregnant again soon, so say prayers for that please.

I have been a slack blogger this summer, but I promise to do better!!

XOXO to all!!



  1. Yeah for babies!!!! We're definitely keeping y'all in our prayers and hope for a speedy result! :o)

    Love ya!!!!